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EverETH Yield

dApp currently under development.


EverETH Yield is a yield farming optimizer and aggregator for maximizing returns on crypto assets. It allows users to earn yields from lending, liquidity pools, and other DeFi protocols in an optimized way.

Yields are generated by depositing supported assets like ETH, stablecoins, or ERC20 tokens into integrated DeFi protocols. EverETH Yield automatically spreads funds across the highest yielding opportunities.

Returns are boosted via trading, compounding, and yield farming strategies. Profits and fees are used to buyback and burn EETH tokens, increasing value for holders.


  • Users deposit assets into EverETH smart contracts
  • Deposits are programmatically allocated across lending markets, DEXs, liquidity pools, and other yield opportunities
  • Trading bots, arbitrageurs, and compounding maximize APY
  • Yields are compounded back into deposits to boost returns
  • Fees and revenue used to buyback and burn EETH tokens
  • Users can withdraw their deposit + earned yields at any time

Yield Sources

EverETH Yield integrates with leading DeFi protocols to generate returns from:

  • Lending platforms like Aave and Compound
  • DEX liquidity pools like Uniswap and Balancer
  • Yield aggregators like Yearn Finance
  • Staking and yield farming contracts
  • Options strategies
  • New opportunities as they emerge

The mix of sources is optimized automatically based on highest risk-adjusted yield.

User Guide


Users deposit ETH or ERC20 tokens into the EverETH Yield portal. Deposits are deployed across various yield opportunities to start earning passive income.

1 token deposited = 1 yToken minted

yTokens represent a claim on the deposited assets + earned yields.


Users can withdraw their deposit + earned yields at any time by redeeming yTokens 1:1 for the underlying assets.

There are no lockups or withdrawal fees.


EverETH takes a performance fee on generated yields to sustain operations. For example, a 20% fee means 20% of yields go to EverETH, 80% of yields are earned by users.

No fee is charged on users' initial deposit amounts. Only on the profits earned.


An analytics dashboard tracks each deposit's real-time balance, yield APY, compound frequency, and lifetime earnings.

Performance, yields, and risk metrics are fully transparent.


EverETH Yield is designed for cross-chain extensibility and to integrate new yield opportunities as they emerge.

The system is decentralized across node operators with yields deployed in smart contracts. An open source API and SDK allows developers to build on top of the platform.