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Introducing Reflect.

EverETH Reflect is an exciting token that pays holders rewards in ETH! It accomplishes this through a unique reward system.

EverETH Graphic

How It Works

  • BEP20 token traded on PancakeSwap
  • A percentage of each trade is taken as a fee
  • The fee is swapped to ETH
  • The ETH is distributed as rewards to EverETH holders

Holder Rewards

One of the most unique aspects of EverETH is how holders are rewarded:

  • Rewards are paid automatically in ETH
  • No need to stake or claim. Rewards add up in your wallet!
  • The more EverETH you hold, the higher percentage of rewards you receive
  • Rewards come from fees on trades, so trading volume directly impacts reward payouts

This innovative system incentivizes holding EverETH for the long-term and provides holders with a passive ETH income stream.

Price Stability

EverETH employs mechanisms to reduce price volatility and promote healthy price action:

  • Buys and sells incur fees, discouraging excessive swing trades
  • Fees provide consistent ETH rewards, incentivizing holding
  • Large sells have maximum limits, preventing massive dumps

Summary of Benefits

For holders, EverETH offers:

  • Rewards paid automatically in ETH
  • The more you hold, the higher the rewards

For the project, benefits include:

  • Trading volume directly fuels rewards
  • Long-term holders are incentivized


The total tax consists of three components:

Ethereum Rewards Fee: This fee is set to 10% ("EthereumRewardsFee") of the transaction amount. It is distributed as dividends to token holders.

Liquidity Fee: This fee is set to 1% ("liquidityFee") of the transaction amount. It is used to add liquidity to the PancakeSwap exchange.

Ecosystem Development Fee: This fee is set to 1% ("BuyBackFee") of the transaction amount. Funds designated to further develop the EverETH project as a whole mainly used for marketing, sponsorships, personnel and operating costs.

Therefore, the total tax is calculated by adding these three fees together: totalFees = EthereumRewardsFee + liquidityFee + BuyBackFee (Ecosystem Development). The total tax for every transaction made resulting as 12%.

Please note that these values have been changed over the time but now are permanent, and they can not be adjusted by the contract owner anymore (since ownership renounced on Nov-23-2021 09:49:31 PM +UTC).


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